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Guangzhou Wholesale Markets

Guangzhou is a thriving city and a major textile distribution center in southern China. The Guangzhou wholesale markets offer not only ready-made products like garments and fashion accessories, but also materials like fabric, leather, and garment accessories.

Most wholesale markets in Guangzhou specialize in a certain products. We listed them in the categories below so that you can easily find what you are looking for.
Which Products are you looking for?

Most markets are located in areas with dozens of markets specializing in the same product category. In each market building, there are thousands of wholesalers and manufacturers, therefore these marketplaces provide access to a gigantic product portfolio!
Guangzhou Wholesale Markets


Many people ask us, which specific market they should visit, in order to purchase certain products. In Guangzhou, there are several areas where lots of wholesale markets are clustered. Before you start thinking about the market building or even thee specific wholesaler, check which area is the right one for you!
Guangzhou Wholesale Market Map

Below you can see the most detailed map of Guangzhou’s markets with more than 150 wholesale markets. Zoom-in and you’ll be surprised by the number of markets in each area!